GDS Clamping technique xGrind

The xGrind HPS20 manual chuck is the high precision chuck of our xGrind series.

  • High concentricity and repeatability
  • Very economical due to excellent durability
  • Slim profile for optimal wheel clearance
  • Wide clamping range for outstanding versatility
  • Easy handling saves time, 45% less than conventional clamping techniques
  • Clamping key ensures safe operation
  • Very low long-term operating cost due to excellent durability and affordable overhaul and repair options

The xGrind HPS20’s excellent damping characteristics attenuates vibration during the grind. Workpiece surface quality is absolutely consistent and ensures you can meet tight manufacturing tolerances. Grinding wheel wear is reduced.

The xGrind HPS20 also provides consistent clamping force and concentricity even with a relatively short clamping length. The xGrind HPS20 delivers the conditions for a predictable and stable grinding operation.