GDS Clamping technique eGrind

The eGrind HPS20 manual chuck is the high precision chuck of our eGrind series.
TMS-GDS-clamping techniqueegrind
  • A profile that minimizes interference for optimal flexibility in wheel selection flexbility
  • Very high concentricity and repeatability
  • Adjustable concentricity
  • Handles a range of diameters using commerically available Nann 3148E collets
  • Very low wear
  • Change collets in seconds with the CoFix collet wrench

The eGrind offers excellent repeatability when changing blanks or collets for optimal grinding results. Our Cofix collet wrench helps you easily change collets in seconds. And you can achieve micron level alignment concentricity in a few minutes. eGrind is the economical alternative in GDS’ range of quick-clamping technology.

The eGrind series was developed by GDS specifically for the Walter Mini Automation high-performance grinding center. Our goal was to offer the highest accuracy and flexibility.